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Young woman wearing special cat eye contact lenses

October is Halloween Safety Month. This year’s Halloween will sure be different than any other. Some people may opt to stay at home, while others may decide to go trick or treating. It may not be an easy decision to make, but if you decide to dress up, we want to remind you that along with COVID Precautions you should also take care of your eyes.

Colored and spooky contact lenses are very popular during Halloween. They add that extra touch to peoples’ costumes; however, most people don’t realize that contacts are medical devices that require a medical prescription and correct fitting by an eye professional. Many of the lenses available online and in Halloween stores are not FDA approved and are being sold illegally. Those lenses can cause infections, pain, scratches to your cornea, scaring and vision damage.

To safely wear contact lenses for Halloween or throughout the year make sure that:

  • You get an eye exam by a licensed professional
  • Obtain a valid prescription
  • Purchase the lens from a retailer that asks for your prescription
  • Follow directions on cleaning, disinfecting and wearing your contact lenses
  • Never share contact lenses with another person
  • Get follow up exams as recommended by your eye doctor

If you notice any pain or discomfort, redness, swelling or too much discharge, remove your contacts and call an ophthalmologist. Eye infections can quickly become serious and in some cases the damage is irreversible.

Spread the word and let your friends and your loved ones know about the dangers of wearing contact lenses without a prescription. Have a safe and Happy Halloween.

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