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Glasses Fogging Up With Your Face Mask?


A man with foggy glasses wearing a Covid-19 mask

During this pandemic, one of the main struggles people are having while wearing a mask is their glasses fogging up. Whether it’s prescription glasses, sunglasses or safety glasses.

It happens when warm breath escapes through the top of our mask into the cooler part of the lens, and to be honest, it can be quite annoying.

It’s definitely important to keep wearing your mask so please continue to do so! Here are some tips to help keep your glasses clear:

  • When putting your mask on, make sure to pinch the top of the mask to fit around your nose. You can also use medical tape or a band-aid to close the space between your nose and your mask.
  • Wipe your glasses before putting them on. There are many anti fogging sprays and wipes available in stores. You can also try washing your glasses with soapy water and letting them air dry.
  • Adjust your glasses. Position your glasses more forward than you’re used to, to allow more air to circulate and minimize the fog. Your nose and mouth should be completely covered.

It may take a few attempts, but we hope these tips will help you. Thank you for doing your part keeping yourself and your community safe. Together we will get through this.