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You probably know that we can transfer viruses from touching our eyes, nose and mouth and then touching other people or surfaces. That’s why it is so important to wash our hands. But did you know we can potentially transfer viruses including COVID-19 to ourselves?

Viruses, as well as bacteria, can easily be spread from our surroundings to our hands and then from our hands to our glasses . In fact, research has shown that COVID-19 can remain on glass surfaces for several days. The danger is even higher for people that suffer from presbyopia, an age related condition that causes your eyes to gradually lose the ability to see things clearly up close. It generally affects people 40 and older. What’s alarming, is that this group of people is at a higher risk for more serious complications from COVID-19!

So, how can that risk be reduced? Below are some tips of things you should and shouldn’t do.


Although rubbing alcohol may sound like a good idea, it may be too harsh on your eyeglasses, especially if you have special coatings on your lenses. You want to try to avoid ammonia, bleach or anything with high levels of acid such as lemon juice or vinegar.


Dish Soap and Water – This is the easiest and most efficient way to disinfect and clean your lenses. Simply use lukewarm water with gentle dish soap.

First, rinse the lenses to remove any particles that may scratch the lenses. Then, massage the soap onto each lens, rinse and dry using a microfiber cloth (not paper towels, as the fibers on these can easily scratch the lenses). Don’t forget to include your frame’s nose pads and earpieces.

Lens Cleaning Wipes – Wet lens wipes are excellent for cleaning your glasses, as well as your electronics such as your phone, tablet and computer screen. They remove bacteria, dust, dirt and germs well from these items. The formula restores shine to glass surfaces without leaving streaks or residue. This material is also tough enough to remove stains while being gentle enough not to scratch your lenses or screens.

Disinfecting your glasses shouldn’t be stressful or worrisome. By following the easy steps above you can protect your lenses and your health. Give us a call if you have any questions. (706) 546-0170